If you already have a key file with a passphrase that Apache uses for SSL, you can prevent Apache from prompting for the passphrase when you reboot or stop and start Apache. You can do so by replacing the original key file with a new replacement key file as follows:

Let’s assume your key file is at: /etc/mydomain.keyfile

1. make a backup to be safe

cp /etc/mydomain.keyfile /etc/mydomain.keyfile.bak

2. make a new keyfile at /etc/mydomain.keyfile2

openssl rsa -in /etc/mydomain.keyfile -out mydomain.keyfile2

3. overwrite the original key file with the new key file

mv /etc/mydomain.keyfile2 /etc/mydomain.keyfile

4. check that Apache’s ready for a restart

apachectl configtest

5. restart Apache

apachectl restart
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