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Smoked Brisket (Trevor’s method)

buy 12 -15 lbs prime brisket Trim excess fat off of the brisket leaving only a thin layer, but save the fat you remove for later use. Prepare Rub 3 Tbsp fresh ground coffee 3 Tbsp sea salt 3 Tbsp coconut sugar 6 tsp smoked paprika 6 tsp ancho chili powder 3 tsp garlic powder […]

Kernel Panic’s Kosmo

The cosmopolitan (aka cosmo) gained popularity during the 90’s when it was frequently mentioned on the television show Sex and the City. The combination of vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and cranberry juice make it a timeless classic. I served this drink at a tech themed company event in 2016, hence the name playing off […]

Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

My brother-in-law shared this whiskey with me during a beach trip. I’d never had or heard of it before, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The nose was sharp and had me a bit skeptical, but to my surprise, it was smooth and savory with notes of caramel and honey. It had a long finish that […]